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How it Works

Order either in person or from home.

You can order from our growing list of partners either in person or online. To do either, you need your five digit User ID# from your app and you need a valid subscription. 

To order in person, search for the restaurant you'd like to order from on the "Order In Person" tab on the app. Tell them you'd like a box by selecting the restaurant. The restaurant will handle it from there!

To order via a website or food ordering app, enter your five-digit User ID# into the special instructions box on the restaurant’s selected food app. To order on the phone, tell the restaurant your code when you call them.

Receive your order in reusable containers

You’ll get your order in a BPA free, NSF-certified reusable container designed to be used up to 300 times. Our containers eliminate waste and the emissions required to manufacture, ship, and dispose of traditional single-use containers.

Return your containers within 3 weeks

You can return your containers to any drop box listed on the drop box tab. You'll get charged if you don't return your box by the deadline listed on your app, so make sure to return it!

After that, all that’s left to do is enjoy the feeling of helping the environment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you using plastic?

Our containers are rated to withstand around 300 washes, which is much higher than the single-use containers currently being used. While they don't last forever, as we are getting started we want to make the biggest and quickest impact we can. Other types of containers — such as glass or stainless steel — are heavier, potentially more prone to break, are not microwave safe, and more expensive to purchase. As we continue, we will consider switching containers! We are also looking into ways to manufacture our own containers by using local plastic, creating a true circular economy. Our goal is to eventually use old, broken containers to make new ones. 

If you are a scientist or materials engineer and would be interested in working with us on this, please contact us at

Why is your app online and not on the app store?

We "no-coded" our app through, a low code/no code platform. Our app is currently a "web app," or an app you reach through your web browser. Because we just launched, we will be making changes to the app to make it more user friendly and work out any bugs. Bubble allows us to make changes instantly, so these improvements can be made quickly and painlessly. 

Eventually, once the app is in a polished state, we will be on the app store!

To make the web app easier to access, add a bookmark to the website on your homepage!

Why not just switch to paper or compostables?

Currently, food takeout containers fall into two categories: disposables and compostables: 

  • Disposables include styrofoam and plastic. 

  • Compostables include plastic-lined paper and specific compostable “plastic” containers. 

    • Compostables are not to be confused with biodegradables, which are materials that can break down into organic material, CO2, and water without human intervention.

    • Compostables mean you need a home compost bin or an industrial composting facility to break down. Most compostable “plastic” and plastic-lined paper containers are designed to only break down in an industrial facility that accepts them, which Tucson does not have. 

      • For example, Tucson’s main composting program, FoodCycle, which partners with the University of Arizona’s Compost Cats, focuses on food scrap composting. According to their User Agreement, “Bioplastics, ‘compostable’/ ‘biodegradable’ plastics, or materials that are only compostable in industrial facilities are not accepted.” Without an industrial facility, these containers end up entombed in the landfill just like the disposable containers, unable to break down.

    • Additionally, currently used compostables/bioplastics are not environmentally benign. Instead, these compostables release harmful chemicals or microplastics into the environment when they break down.

How do I get my favorite restaurant on your list?

All restaurants on our list paid to sign up and partner with us. This gets them a spot on our app, their initial stock of boxes, a drop box for their restaurant, marketing and educational materials, advertising through our network, training on how to use the app, and continuous pick-up/drop-off of dirty/clean boxes. We want to work with as many restaurants as possible, so please kindly let restaurant workers know that we exist and we'd love to help them make an impact! 

Also, you can let us know what restaurants you want us to partner with by filling out our short form. 

What does my subscription pay for?

Your subscription allows you to access our services to use our reusable containers. It supports our ongoing work of picking up dirty boxes, cleaning them, and returning them to the restaurant. It allows us to buy more boxes, continue to improve the app, and hire people to help us make the biggest impact possible to reduce waste in Tucson! Thank you for your understanding and support!

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