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A green plastic clamshell reusable takeout container with food in it

Take the waste OUT of takeout!

Reduce waste with Eco Lizard reusable takeout containers

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What is Eco Lizard?

Eco Lizard is THE business reducing takeout container waste in Tucson.


Containers make up 23% of the waste in U.S. landfills, and each takeout meal creates an average of 48.5 lbs of greenhouse gas emissions. Using Eco Lizard helps reduce the environmental impact of takeout!

Image by Christiann Koepke

How it Works



Place an order with an Eco Lizard partnered restaurant, and let them know you want your food in a reusable takeout container through our app (subscription required).



Eat and enjoy your waste-free meal!



Return your container(s) to any drop box location using the app. 



We'll handle the rest! We'll wash and return containers to partner restaurants so containers can continue to be reused. Easy!

Ready to reduce waste?

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